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Month: January 2018

Jegging Scarf

Jegging Scarf

It’s probable that I am not the ONLY gal out there who has a few pairs of ill-fitting jeggings or leggings lurking in the closet. (Seriously, WHO designs these things?) They don’t fit well,  but still I keep them. Well, the moment has come to either […]

Embroidered Sweater

We love projects that inspire us to take items from our own closets and remake them into new looks! The new year is the perfect time to do this, since we need to clean out our closets anyway. (It’s also a good time to check the […]

Fashion Challenge: 1990’s Pants

Happy New Year! Lindee and I celebrated by going “back in time” for a vintage fashion challenge! This time, we traveled to the 1990’s to try on pants! (Yes, I know. Those of us who experienced the 90’s first hand are internally groaning.) However, we […]