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Month: February 2018

Vintage a la Thrift Store- 1920’s

Vintage a la Thrift Store- 1920’s

Sometimes a vintage-inspired outfit seems to appear out of nowhere. Take this blue dress for example. I discovered it on a cram-jammed thrift store wrack. Although obviously from the 1980’s, the dress’s drop waist style (with bow!) was a perfect tribute to the 1920’s. The dress was in perfect condition and, due to a timely sale, cost me a $1! Feeling like I had been visited by a flapper fairy godmother, I dug through the closet in search of accessories.

I was inspired by Lindee’s awesome homemade 1920’s costume featured in the “DIY 1920s Costume” post. She transformed a dress from Goodwill into the perfect flapper dress, complete with period accessories, hair, and makeup! (Check out that post here!)

I went the easy route with my outfit, using accessories I had thrifted in the past. Note to thrift store shoppers: if you find items like a (washable!) faux fur wrap or vintage-inspired shoes in great shape, you should BUY THEM! You can use them to create vintage-inspired looks from a range of decades! My hat was the only item, other than my tights, that was not thrifted. When thrift store shopping, I look for hats that are not only in great shape, but are also hand or surface washable when possible.

I had way too much fun posing in my “mod” new outfit!

It may be time for a 1920’s themed party! Only thrift store flappers allowed!

Musical Candle Jars (With Glitter!)

Musical Candle Jars (With Glitter!)

As a sequel to the musical garlands post from last week, I’m sharing a tutorial for coordinating glittery candle jars! My supplies included leftover sheet music from last week’s post (check http://www.freesheetmusic.net/ for music), recycled baby food jars, a sponge applicator, glitter, and mod podge glue. The small jars were the perfect size for tea light candles.



I cut my sheet music into strips wide enough to cover the neck of the jar. I applied mod podge to the jar’s neck and wrapped the paper strip around it. (I had to squish the gluey paper a bit to stick it into the uneven surface.)








I let the paper strip dry before adding the next element- glitter!!! I coated the jar (excluding the paper strip) with with a thick-ish layer of glue. I then held the gluey jar over a bowl and sprinkled on the glitter!



I gently patted the glitter into the glue before letting the jar dry. (Drying could take half an hour or more. The glue will be clear when dry.) The next step was to carefully dab a coating of glue over the glitter AND paper to seal both under a protective clear layer. I had to work carefully to fully coat the rough glitter while avoiding breaking bits of the sponge applicator off in the process! To keep glitter from contaminating my jar of mod podge, I poured glued into a jar lid and applied the glue from there.



This last glue layer took some time to dry but helped to create an icy look on the glass! 🙂 I love these candles paired with my music garlands! (Check out that post here .) They would coordinate well with black, white, and silver decorations for a party or holiday! So many possibilities!


Musical Garlands

Musical Garlands

Today’s post was inspired by those adorable banners and garlands all over Pinterest! Cute pendants, pom poms, streamers- I love ’em! For my project, I wanted to create garlands from inexpensive materials and be able to use the garlands for multiple occasions (including upcoming Valentine’s Day)! My go-to material in this case was old sheet music! You can download free sheet music at sites like http://www.freesheetmusic.net/ . (Check out their selection of Bach!!) For an antiqued look, pick up old music books at the thrift store and use the paper!

For my garlands, I experimented with three different shapes- hearts, pendants, and 3D hearts. I hung the shapes on a thin crochet yarn, similar to baker’s twine. Before attaching shapes, I marked equal increments on the cord using a pen. These markings showed me where each shape should be attached. Here are the shapes I started with for the 3D hearts.



To create a 3D effect, I glued two hearts together at the middle fold and sandwiched the string in between.








Next, I made garlands using “flat” heart shapes!







I put a little glue on one half of the heart/butterfly shape before folding the shape in half with the cord sandwiched in at the fold.







I used a similar method for the pendant garland, but cut out diamond shapes that created folded triangles.


And here are the resulting garlands! I think these would be really cute for Valentine’s Day, a vintage-y tea party, or even Christmas! So many possibilites!

Vintage a la Thrift Store: Winter Layering

Vintage a la Thrift Store: Winter Layering

Anyone else feeling the need for a winter wardrobe update? I have been searching thrift shops and my own closet for vintage pieces that are easily layered with wardrobe basics. This lets me fend off chilly weather AND boredom at the same time!

This first outfit gave me an excuse to wear not only my fav 1970’s corduroy jacket, but also vintage accessories! I felt like I was ready for the English country side. As Lindee and I discovered in this post for our Sweater-vember sweater challenge, vintage tops often pair really well with skinny jeans and boots!


This dress was a recent thrift store find! I think it was handmade, probably in the 90’s. I love me a comfy maxi dress! The floral pattern was just begging to be paired with coordinating browns. Layering on fuzzy textures, boots, and vintage earrings helped up the 1970’s vibe.


I based this outfit around those great pants I first wore in this post for our 90’s Pants Challenge! I wasn’t lying when I said they were super comfy! The high waist, wide leg, and tiny hounds tooth print inspired a 1920’s-30’s feel for this outfit. After a great hat, I just needed my go-to basics- a jean jacket, scarf, and bright earrings! A nice orchard to walk in is also helpful!

Happy layering, Partners in Craft!