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Month: March 2018

Funny Bunny Scarf

Funny Bunny Scarf

Here is the latest accessory in the Funny Bunny Collection! This scarf is the perfect addition to the Funny Bunny earrings we featured last week. (See that post here.) Today’s tutorial features both fabric-stamping methods and step by step instructions for making your own stamp! […]

Funny Bunny Earrings

It’s time for another tutorial about how to DIY your holiday bling! This time, I was inspired by my lack of Easter accessories! Time to hit the craft stash and get to work! (Stay tuned for a Funny Bunny scarf tutorial next week!) My craft […]

Shirt-Lengthener Skirt

Let me introduce you to a garment that has become a closet MVP since I first made it this fall! At first glance, it appears to be a skirt. However, I think of it as fulfilling the higher calling of “shirt lengthener”! Shirt lengthening is […]

Leafy Green Earrings (in time for St Patrick’s!)

I love seasonal accessories, but I don’t love paying alot for something I can only wear for a short time. Of course, I get really excited when I find ways to make my own holiday bling! While searching through my jewelry making stash recently, I […]

Fashion Challenge: Wannabe French

Ooh la la! I have been loving all the stripes popping up in magazines, stores, and my own closet as spring approaches! Using thrift store finds, I put together a few outfits in deference to the French! I may not be able to travel across […]