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Month: March 2018

Funny Bunny Scarf

Funny Bunny Scarf

Here is the latest accessory in the Funny Bunny Collection! This scarf is the perfect addition to the Funny Bunny earrings we featured last week. (See that post here.) Today’s tutorial features both fabric-stamping methods and step by step instructions for making your own stamp!

I started by gathering materials to make my bunny stamp. A purple foam heart from the kid’s craft section would become the bunny’s head.




I traced the heart on scratch paper and sketched ears.




I folded the sketch in half and cut it out. Next, I cut out the “ears” so they could be used as templates.







The next step was tracing the ear templates onto craft foam. I traced 2 of each ear and numbered them so I wouldn’t get confused.




After cutting out the ears, I used the E6000 to glue the matching shapes together. I did this to add thickness to my future stamp. (A thicker stamp will be easier to paint neatly.) The foam started to curl around the edges, so I put the glued-together-shapes between pieces of foil and placed a weighted plate on top. This forced the pieces to dry flat.




Next, it was time to work on the heart shaped “head.” I glued the foam heart to a large recycled lid.




Once the heart was glued to the lid, I created a double layer for it the same way I made the ears. I glued this heart on top of the purple one.




Once the double layers were dry, I glued the ears onto the lid as well. After more drying time, I finally had my bunny stamp!




Time to paint! I first prepped my scarf by washing and ironing it. I prepped my work surface, a.k.a. my floor, with a plastic shower curtain. I then got my paint supplies ready. (To see why i like these paints so much, check out our dish towel painting tutorial here.)




I began by testing out my stamp on pink paper. I used the brush to paint a layer of fabric paint onto the stamp. I did several test stamps before I got the hang of exerting even pressure on all areas of the stamp.




I also experimented with dipping a pencil eraser lightly in paint and using that to stamp eyes and a nose. Pretty cute!




At long last, I got to work on my scarf! I laid the scarf over the plastic shower curtain drop cloth. I then stamped bunnies all over! This process took some time, about half an hour, but patience paid off. I added eyes and noses to the bunnies as the finishing touch!














After letting the paint dry for several hours, it was time to try on my scarf!



I’m loving this scarf with my Funny Bunny earrings! Have a Happy Easter, Everyone! 😉



Funny Bunny Earrings

Funny Bunny Earrings

It’s time for another tutorial about how to DIY your holiday bling! This time, I was inspired by my lack of Easter accessories! Time to hit the craft stash and get to work! (Stay tuned for a Funny Bunny scarf tutorial next week!)

My craft stash search yielded felt, post earring bases and backings, puffy paint, and wooden buttons. My handy E6000 glue was ready to help. I also recommend having toothpicks handy for detail work.



The wooden buttons would soon become bunny heads. I traced the button on scratch paper and then sketched ears.



I folded my ear sketch in half (to keep things symmetrical) and then cut out the paper ears. This cut-out became a pattern that I traced onto the felt. I used a disappearing fabric pen for the tracing.



Next, I used E6000 to glue the ears to the button “bunny heads.” Once that glue had set, I glued earring backings to the buttons.




While that glue was setting, I prepared my “drying rack.” I needed a way to keep the earrings face up and still during the paint drying process. My rack consisted of a box with holes poked in it by a darning needle. After painting, I inserted the post backings into the holes, which kept the earrings upright.



Once the glue was dry, I started adding features to the bunny faces. I used a toothpick to apply dots of puffy fabric paint to the buttons. This was a tedious job, and I ended up adding more paint than I had intended. My advice would be to wield your toothpick with a calm state of mind and a less-is-more approach! (You could also practice on a piece of paper first!)



After painting, I left the earrings to dry on the rack for several hours. The paint can take a while to dry, especially if you apply it in big dots like I did. It’s best to let it dry longer than you think necessary. I may have gotten impatient and smudged mine a bit…

With the paint dry, I named my now pop-art-inspired earrings “Funny Bunnies”!




These will be lots of fun to wear during Easter Bunny season! My next project will be to paint a Funny Bunny scarf to match! Stay tuned for that tutorial next week!


Shirt-Lengthener Skirt

Shirt-Lengthener Skirt

Let me introduce you to a garment that has become a closet MVP since I first made it this fall! At first glance, it appears to be a skirt. However, I think of it as fulfilling the higher calling of “shirt lengthener”! Shirt lengthening is needed when your favorite t-shirt or baggy sweatshirt lets you down. Picture this- you’re all ready to go with your comfy yoga pants or leggings, but you discover that your shirt is a couple inches shorter than your butt! AAH! I require butt coverage for leggings/yoga pant use! What shall I DO?!



At this point, the shirt lengthener comes to your rescue! It covers your butt, extends your legging/yoga pant outfit potential, and looks cute doing it! Go to the thrift store immediately and find an old, knit skirt! The skirt needs to fit your waist (unless you are willing to adjust it) and not be too tight on your booty (because that defeats the purpose). I was super excited when I found a skirt with an elastic waist band and stretchy fabric! (Vintage 90’s, anyone?)






Since the skirt fit and was made from an unraveling knit fabric, the road to shirt-lengthened-salvation was simple. Measure the skirt, cut off unwanted length, reinforce the cut seams, and bring on the outfits! I started by attempting to measure the length I wanted and marking it with chalk. (Butt coverage was a priority!)



Then it was time to cut the extra length off. To ensure that I didn’t cut the skirt too short, I marked off two length measurements, one at my chalk mark and another a bit longer. I then cut trimmed the skirt to the longer measurement. After trying the skirt on, I found that the longer length was actually just right!



Since the knit material didn’t ravel, I didn’t have to do any hemming. (Yay!) I did, however, want to make sure the side seams that had been cut did not come unstitched. After turning the skirt inside out, I used a zig-zag stitch and a knit needle to secure the seams. (This could easily be done by hand.)



And that was it! I tried the shirt-extending-skirt on with different tops and loved the results! I like how the black of the skirt blends with a dark top and/or  black leggings.












I now need to find modifiable thrift store skirts in every color so I can make this again!

Leafy Green Earrings (in time for St Patrick’s!)

Leafy Green Earrings (in time for St Patrick’s!)

I love seasonal accessories, but I don’t love paying alot for something I can only wear for a short time. Of course, I get really excited when I find ways to make my own holiday bling! While searching through my jewelry making stash recently, I came across some leafy green beads that were perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. The result was shamrock-inspired post earrings that are cute for the holiday AND springtime!


I started by gathering my supplies. The tiny green, flower-shaped beads were the original inspiration for the project. Those beads became the “leaves,” while bugle beads became the “stems” of my shamrocks. I used 3/8 inch diameter earring posts and matching backings. I tried a new glue for this project, an E600 designed for jewelry making. (More on that later.) Tweezers and a toothpick helped position beads and glue.




I first created a “drying rack” for the earrings by poking small holes in a box with a darning needle. I would later insert the earring posts into the holes, keeping the posts upright and level. This was a must during the glue drying process!



With the drying rack ready, I started playing with ways to arrange my beads. Here is the practice shamrock shape.



Time for gluing! I covered the earring post with a big blop of glue. Then I stuck the beads into the glue as best as I could. This was a bit tedious, and it took several tries to get the beads arranged correctly. The tweezers proved especially helpful for positioning the little bugle bead stems.



Now a note about the glue. The directions stated that this glue should dry for at least 24 hours and possibly 48. I tried wiggling the glued-on beads after about 24 hours, and they weren’t set yet! The 48 hour time frame was needed for my particular materials. I would recommend allowing the base layer of glue to dry for 24 hours and then applying a little more glue in any gaps around the beads. This can help seal the beads onto the post. Wait at least 24 hours more (48 hours total!) before wearing the earrings.



Patient glue drying was rewarded with some cute lil’ earrings!



These look great with my Saint Patrick’s Day scarf, but could easily coordinate with other green outfits!



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Everyone!












Fashion Challenge: Wannabe French

Fashion Challenge: Wannabe French

Ooh la la! I have been loving all the stripes popping up in magazines, stores, and my own closet as spring approaches! Using thrift store finds, I put together a few outfits in deference to the French! I may not be able to travel across the pond at the moment, but I am still a wannabe!

My first outfit consists of closet basics scored at Goodwill! The fitted striped top balanced well with my kinda-baggy vintage Levi’s. The scarf and bracelet were gifted to me, but you can check out Lindee’s bracelet tutorial here to make your own!

These amazing vintage earrings were a lucky find at Goodwill! I love their length and sculptural quality. So much outfit-making potential!



I found this striped skirt at Goodwill on the same day that I found the earrings! When a beret magically appeared alongside them, I kind of freaked out a little! Although the skirt isn’t old, it has a great 1950’s vibe complete with pockets! I will wear it lots during the summer, but added a jean jacket and scarf for the chilly weather.



I enlisted cute hubby as photographer and fellow baguette shopper! We later went in search of cheese…



My favorite thrifted Ralph Lauren sweater made this next outfit cosey. I teamed it up with the vintage Levi’s that I had come to love during our “1990’s Pants” photo shoot. (Find that post here!) I couldn’t pass up adding a newsboy, bandana, and boots!



I am well on my way to getting packed for my imaged French vacation! (Or at least more baguette shopping!)  😉 Vive la France!