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Month: December 2018

Nifty Gifties: Quick Gifts to DIY!

Nifty Gifties: Quick Gifts to DIY!

Merry Christmas from Partners in Craft! In the spirit of the season, we proudly present some of our favorite Nifty Gifties! These crafts are perfect for last minute presents or for fun projects to make during your holiday break! Happy Christmas and Happy Crafting! 🙂

Freezer Paper Stencils: Try this technique for customizing T-shirts and so much more!

Flower Applique Earrings: A quick but adorable jewelry DIY!

Button Magnets: Spruce up your fridge and showcase your favorite fasteners!

Stamped Dish Towels: Who doesn’t need some cute, customized tea towels?! 

DIY Foam Stamps for Fabric Stamping: Can’t find the perfect stamp? Create your own!

Statement Necklace DIY: We suggest that you make at least one for yourself, while you’re at it!

Personalized Patches: So cute on… practically everything!

Magnets from Vintage Bling: Broken jewelry shines again, this time on your fridge!

Stamped Tote Bag: Once you know the stamping basics, you can customize to your heart’s content!

Merry Christmas, Crafters! 🙂

Holiday Accessories: 1940’s Style!

Holiday Accessories: 1940’s Style!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! To celebrate, I’m sprucing up a refashioned dress with homemade accessories, just like they might have done in the 1940’s! I searched my craft store for vintagey silk poinsettias and holly, shoe clips, pin backings, hair clips, felt, and glue!

I tackled the shoe clips first! I started by trimming the poinsettia “stems” so that the flowers could be glued to the shoe clips. I then applied E6000 glue to the clips, placed them on the back side of the flowers, and allowed the glue to dry for several hours.

Next, it was time to make the corsage! (1940’s ladies loved their corsages, both those with real flowers and the homemade kind!) I cut two ovals of coordinating felt to act as the base of the arrangement. The two ovals were glued together to make them sturdier.

Once the base was glued together, I trimmed the holy and poinsettias to fit the base. I used hot glue to attach first the holly and then the poinsettias.

Time to attach the pin backing! First, I used hot glue to glue the backing to the felt base. Next, I glued a small piece of felt across the backing and onto the base behind to add stability.

No 1940’s gal would have ended this project without making a matching hair accessory! The process for hair clip creation was very similar to making the corsage, only with a smaller base.

I paired my new accessories with a favorite dress I had refashioned in our DIY Fashion: 1980’s to 1940’s Dress post! (Check out the before and after pictures!!) 

My snood hair net was another fun project from our DIY 1940’s Snood Hair Net tutorial! Those adorable wreath earrings are a thrift store score! 

I think gals in the war years of the 40’s would have done projects alot like this in order to refashion old clothes and then use accessories to fancy them up! 

Time to get out your swingin’ holiday style! 🙂

Nifty Gifty Kid’s Edition: Indoor Snowball Fight!

Nifty Gifty Kid’s Edition: Indoor Snowball Fight!

Here’s a fun and easy DIY gift for the young ones in your life! It’s even easy enough for crafty kids to make for themselves or for younger siblings! The main ingredients are yarn and pom-pom makers, and you know that I love any excuse to bust out the pom-pom maker!

Here are my supplies. This is the perfect project for using up yarn remnants if you have them! 

I followed the pom-pom maker’s directions and created lots of fluffy “snowballs” in both sizes! I used different kinds of yarn to add variation (and to use up scraps).


Who’s ready for a snowball fight?! These pom-poms won’t hurt ya’, but they will make you smile! 

For gifting, I divided the snowballs between cloth bags labeled with the contents. To continue the snowy theme, you could also turn these snowballs into cute ornaments! Wouldn’t they be adorable as gift toppers too?! So many possibilities!

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow! 🙂