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Socially Distant Regency Dress

Socially Distant Regency Dress

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As our dear readers know, I have long had an interest in Regency fashion, mostly because Elizabeth Bennet is a badass. My first project, though not historical, was so much fun to wear that I resolved to try a historical dress pattern! Unfortunately, after my time-consuming, novice attempts at creating Little Women-inspired outfits for this post, I was officially over sewing. A month or two later, however, the pandemic hit, and sewing became the logical outlet for pent up energy. Thankfully, the pattern I had been eyeing could be purchased online and downloaded! I referred myself to the fabulous folks over at sensibility.com and purchased this dress pattern and this supplemental pattern for neckline variations!

Readers may remember this vintage pink rose fabric from a Little Women skirt! I had been saving the rest of the giant remnant for this very project!

I downloaded the pattern pieces, taped them together, and cut ’em out!

Instead of the standard neckline, I chose a higher neckline from the pattern supplement. I was very grateful for this option as well as the many helpful pattern tips discussed on the website! Since I anticipated lots of fitting issues, I referred to this article to help me anticipate remedies for big boobs and narrow shoulders! I guestimated some modifications to the paper pattern.

I cut out the pattern pieces on some remnant fabric, and then stitched up a bodice mock-up. My guestimations had been too large, so I made modifications to the mockup (multiple times) until it seemed to fit. (I was reminded again of how handy a dress form would be…)

I took apart the modified mock-up bodice and used the pieces as my new pattern.

I stitched up the bodice and lining and viola! The skirt was constructed next, then attached to the bodice. Lots of buttons and button holes eventually appeared too. I didn’t take detailed pictures of the whole sewing process, as there are lots of pictures and directions included with the pattern itself!

Ta-da! After a certain amount of time and labor, we have a dress! Although my pattern alterations still need some tweaks, I was very proud of producing a Regency-ish dress! 🙂 Period-appropriate undergarments will have to be a future project (or possible purchase, yikes!)

I took my dress on a woodland ramble (a.k.a. a walk to the park).

The dress turned out to be super comfortable and swooshy! I accessorized with a homemade garnet necklace and a bonnet I made in this post, while being inspired by this and this post!

It was a lovely day at the park! Being an “excellent walker,” I was careful to avoid Darcys, Wickhams, and soccer players.

Eventually, I stopped for refreshments. Socially distant tea parties mean more cake for me….

Enjoy the weekend, Crafters! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Socially Distant Regency Dress”

  • Love, love, love your Regency dress! It turned out so well! GREAT EFFORT on your part with an absolutely LOVELY result!! I think a group of us should each make a dress and then schedule a garden party!! Complete with LOTS of cake for all!!

    • It was a fun project! 🙂 I have lots to learn about the time period, but definitely want to try more projects~ Garden parties are always a yes!

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