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DIY 1920s Costume

DIY 1920s Costume

This tutorial is great for Halloween or a themed event. I researched dresses from the 1920 to help me settle on the look I wanted and was capable of recreating. Do your own research!!! Google it, start a Pinterest board, ect. It will be really helpful.

I found three important characteristics of a 1920s dress:

  1. Low, exaggerated, waist line.

  2. Shapeless fit.

  3. Fringe, beads, sparkle! (I mean, why not?)

I took a plain black dress that I had in my closet that had both a drop waist and shapeless fit. I used a beaded collar I had taken off another dress and it fit perfectly with this dress.

For the waist line, I used some shiny silver ribbon to emphasis the low line. For even more drama, I cut some black string and hot glued it to the ribbon to create fringe. (You can buy fringe at craft stores, which I would recommend, but if you’re in a pinch, here’s how I made it.)

It took me quite a while to sew everything on by hand.


I added some fringe to the collar.


For the back of the dress I attached silver ribbon to the ends of the beaded collar.


For the head band: Lace, silver ribbon, black elastic.

I layered the lace over the silver ribbon, sewed it together, and sewed both ends to the piece of black elastic.

    Throw in some long pearls and done!!

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