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Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

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Vacation is a state of mind, right? In that spirit, I’m busting out my favorite vintage mumus in all their bright, summery glory! I will be taking a little vacation time to visit family and friends, and hopefully allow a summer breeze to waft through the creative spaces of my brain. I won’t be going anywhere far or fancy, but that is the great thing about mumus- they will lend kitschy vacation vibes to any destination! Of course, I had to leave you (and my suitcase) with some vintagey jewelry to accessorize those mumus! This project is so simple, it doesn’t need much explanation! Just get some vintage-inspired buttons, glue, wire cutters and a few jewelry supplies! You could even bring the supplies with you and make jewelry at your vacation destination! Accessory + souvenir = my favorite!

Of course, I HAD to wear my newly-made bling with a thrifted mumu from the 1960’s! (The tag inside says it was made in Hawaii!) Big shout out to my fashion twin who went to Hawaii and bought this dress in, say, 1964! 🙂 My flower-power jewelry is perfect with the acid bright colors!

Actually, my dress coordinated very nicely with the pool surroundings! And my new friend.

What a dress! It makes me feel like I’m somewhere tropical, not just standing in the landscaping! lol! Big thanks to Erin for taking pics for me when my selfie skills failed!

Of course, my love for mumus isn’t new! (I think I was gifted my first one when I was six! Thanks, Grandma!) I wore some of my favorites in this, our first Bahama Mama post! Again, I didn’t go anywhere far away, but I sure felt those vacation vibes! (The gator was obviously thrilled to be part of the shoot.)

So, why not? Bust out those bright, crazy dresses and shamelessly fun accessories! Even if you don’t go far, your vacation-loving self will thank you for it. My new friend (now named Henry) and I wish you a lovely trip!

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