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Costume or Clothing? 1920s

Costume or Clothing? 1920s

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October is here! This means, of course, that it’s Costume Season! 🙂 However, we all know that the holidays this year have all been a little wonky. How can we show off our costumes during times of modified celebrations? My answer is to create “costumes” that double as “clothes”! 🙂 That way, you can still enjoy your special costume pieces even if in-person parties are postponed. Of course, everyone’s tolerance for “unique” outfits varies, so think of the following ideas as inspiration! 🙂 To start with, I have compiled some of our favorite posts on 1920s fashion! All of the featured outfits are based on homemade and/or thrifted pieces and are easy to wear for many occasions! Have fun, and see where your inner flapper leads you this Costume Season! 🙂

“One Hour” Dress

DIY 1920s Costume

1920s Loungewear DIY

DIY 1920s Dress

Vintage Hat Patterns: 1920s

Have You Heard? It’s the 20s!

1920s Dress from a Polo Shirt

Costume Time 1920s Style

Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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