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Costume or Clothing? Sewing a 1920s Kimono-Style Coat

Costume or Clothing? Sewing a 1920s Kimono-Style Coat

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October means it’s costume season, AND the holidays are coming! Obviously, this is the perfect time to show your vintage flare! But have you ever put together the perfect retro outfit, only to discover that the weather didn’t agree with your fashion choice? With temperatures dropping, we vintage ladies need layering pieces, preferably era-appropriate ones. I found myself in just such a conundrum while attempting to wear my favorite 1920s outfits this fall. I searched Etsy and Pinterest for easy, vintage patterns for capes, wraps, and coats. While I couldn’t find a period cape pattern to fit my lazy mood, I did find a kimono-style robe pattern that promised to be simple enough… (You can find the pattern here!)

Why not make a kimono-style coat instead of a robe?! I even had the perfect piece of flapper-fabulous crushed velour in my stash! Although my fabric had different dimensions than the pattern called for, I thought I could make it work!

The pattern download included both a pattern and directions/diagrams for drafting the pattern yourself. I chose the drafting option, and found it pretty straightforward. After lots of measuring, pinning, and cutting, I had the main pieces ready.

Time for sleeves and side seams!

Since my fabric was shorter than suggested, I decided to add extra length to the coat and collar pieces. (This took lots more time, but helped create the length I wanted.)

You can see the whole process in this video! 🙂

Time to get flapper-fabulous and try out this coat! 🙂

I really like the coat’s length and flowy-ness! It paired very nicely with my thrifted dress and headscarf, beads from my friend Stormie, and vintage pin from my grandmother!

Of course, I HAD to make some matching accessories! Watch the end of the video to see how to make these flower clips!

The coat proved to be pretty comfy and warm!

Ok, Flappers, time to show off your vintage flare! Hope you are enjoying costume season and staying crafty, Everyone! 😉

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