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Cozy Crafts with Felted Sweaters

Cozy Crafts with Felted Sweaters

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Today’s post is the second in our series of “cozy crafts,” projects perfect for winter afternoons! This time, we are using felted sweaters as our main ingredient. What are felted sweaters you ask? Imagine that you accidentally washed and dried your favorite wool sweater on hot. When you finally discovered the sweater, it would undoubtedly have shrunk. The fibers would have interlocked tightly around each other to create a thick, unravelling felt. We used this same shrinking process, but on purpose and with thrifted sweaters! 😉 We discovered that there are SO many uses for cozy, felted sweater material!

For our first project, I used pieces of a sweater’s neck band to create flowers! I started by cutting the neckband in half lengthwise in a wave-like pattern. This gave me thin strips, perfect for one large and two small roses. I rolled the strips up like a jellyroll and stitched the rolls in place. Voila- roses!

Once the roses were complete, I cut leaf shapes from a green sweater. I then raided my craft stash for pin backings and hair clips in need of embellishment!

I used hot glue to attach the leaves to the backings and then the roses to the leaves! I love these on pins and hair clips, but head bands would be adorable too. So many possibilities here!

But wait, what about your winter accessories? Don’t they need cozy cute embellishments? Bring on the beanies! 🙂 And mittens- those would be adorable too!

Of course, there are many more ways to use the rest of that felted sweater! Here are a few more of our favorite projects for adding a little extra coziness to your winter!

Felted Sweater Pillows

Felted Sweater Stuffies

Stay cozy, Crafters! 😉

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