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DIY 1920s Dress (and NEW Youtube Channel!)

DIY 1920s Dress (and NEW Youtube Channel!)

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Have you heard the big news? We are finally starting our own YouTube channel for Partners in Craft!!!

Just like on the blog, we will use the YouTube channel to demonstrate our favorite DIY crafts, refashions, sewing projects, and more! Our first video was actually inspired by a popular blog post! The original post showed how to make a 1920s-inspired dress from a man’s polo shirt! (Check out that post here!)

Although I love that dress, I couldn’t go thrifting for polo shirts due to shelter-in-place orders. So… I dug through my refashioning stash and discovered a man’s button up, collared shirt that was just begging to be upcycled! I got busy sewing AND filming!

I love how this dress turned out! With the dress all set, I buckled down to learn all about video editing shenanigans… It took lots of time, but thanks to helpful tutorials on YouTube and tech support from my hubby, the videos took shape! Even though I have ALOT to learn, I’m still very excited to present the end result- our FIRST YouTube video!!!

I’m so excited, that it makes me want to dance! Hope you all enjoy this project and our video! Subscribe to see more videos to come! 😉

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