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DIY Cherry Tshirt (with Homemade Stamp!)

DIY Cherry Tshirt (with Homemade Stamp!)

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This is one of my all-time favorite craft projects for summer! A simple DIY stamp and fabric paint are all you need to create totally customizable patterns on clothes, accessories, gift, whatever! 🙂 Of course, I can never pass up a cute fruit print, so I REALLY love making my own! Here are some of my supplies:

If that super cute cherry seems familiar, then you may remember this post featuring my favorite fruit-stamped T’s! I love this project so much, that I finally made a video showing the process! 🙂

I’m lovin’ how these turned out!!

Of course, I love wearing the results!

We have LOTS of other fun painting/stamping projects here on the blog! Here are a few favorites:

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Time for some summer adventures! Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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