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DIY Earrings: Pom-Pom Fruit

DIY Earrings: Pom-Pom Fruit

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Anybody want to DIY some fun, new jewelry? Anybody love pom-poms, bright colors, fruit, and all things spring?! (Hey, me too!!! 🙂 ) In today’s project, felt leaves , felt stems, and earrings backings transform tiny pom-poms into cute fruit earrings! 🙂 Let’s get started!

Here are my supplies! Most of the items were already in my craft stash, but I did order a BIG bag of 1 cm diameter pom-poms for the project! (To see others ways to use ALL those pom-poms, check out this post!)

Now, it’s time to make those tiny leaves and stems. This is probably the most time-consuming part of the project and takes a bit of trial and error to find the right size foliage for the pom-poms. I started with small, uniform squares of felt and cut the leaf/stem shapes from those squares. This helped me make shapes that were roughly the same size. I cut out extra leaves and stems so that I could use only the best ones…

Time for fruit assembly! Although I couldn’t take pictures during the process, I DID film it! You can see the whole crafting adventure here!

After a certain amount of fiddling with felt and glue, I had some very cute fruit! All that was left to do was attach earring post backings. I made peach, orange, and lemon earrings, but how cute would tiny red apples be?! So many possibilities…

Should I wear these, give them as gifts, or just display their cute, fuzzy fruitiness?! Aaaw SO tiny, SO cute!

Ok, Crafters, it’s your turn to DIY some spring bling! Bring out all the bright, fuzzy, fruity supplies you’ve got and have FUN!!! Enjoy and stay crafty, Everyone! 😉

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