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DIY Flower Stamp Cards

DIY Flower Stamp Cards

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Here’s a fun DIY that’s perfect for spring and summer occasions, including Mother’s Day! After creating your own simple stamps, you are ready for paint and blank cards! Of course, these cheery flowers would also be super cute stamped on clothing (similar to this post here) or on dish towels (like here)! But I digress… Here are the supplies you need for card making!

To make my own stamp, I started by sketching a daisy shape, center circle, and lemon shapes for the leaves and buds onto craft foam. (Thicker foam is best, but you can glue two layers of foam shapes together if needed.) My handy dandy E6000 glue helped me attach the foam shapes to flat plastic lids.

Next, I found some bright, springy colors in my acrylic paint collection!

To begin card painting, I used a paint brush to apply a thin layer of blue paint to my stamp. I then pressed the stamp onto the paper, making sure to press down evenly over the whole stamp. (It’s helpful to do a few test stamps to see how much paint you need!) I first stamped blue daisies and buds.

Next, I added centers in a contrasting color and lots of leaves. I experimented with stamping a couple times between adding more paint to the leaf stamp. This created lighter and darker leaves, while my paintbrush painted the stems.

I couldn’t resist that sunshine yellow paint! This time, I tried an all-over pattern of daisies, with some flowers lighter than others.

But I couldn’t stop there! Turns out that if you don’t press down on the center of the stamp, you may not get any paint in the center of the daisy. Cool!

The possibilities are endless!

And there you have it! You can create a whole bouquet of bright, blooming cards!

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did! The lucky recipients of your art will definitely enjoy them too!

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