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DIY Holiday Loungewear

DIY Holiday Loungewear

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The ideal holiday outfit can be hard to find, but 2020 has changed the requirements a bit! Comfiness is the most important factor, followed by warmth and cuteness! 🙂 If you are looking for a vintage spin, check out our post on flapper loungwear! But if you want to DIY some modern loungwear for yourself, then come along for a tie dying and fabric painting adventure! 🙂

To start with, I’m bringing back a favorite holiday project! I was excited last year to find a way to DIY my own holiday leggings, and boy have I been wearing them this year! Find out how to customize your own leggings in this post! I used leggings like these and a stamp similar to these for my project.

Now it’s time to create a fun, cozy sweatshirt to pair with those leggings! I started with a tunic sweatshirt and scrunched it up using rubber bands. You can find the sweatshirt I used here and the rit dye here.

I kept this project simple, using dark green rit dye in my own kitchen sink!

I was thrilled with the results!

I’m loving the sweatshirt with those leggings!

Check out the whole adventure in this video! 🙂

I took my new holiday outfit for a walk!

I’m off to the post office to mail Christmas presents!! 🙂

Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas, Everyone! 🙂 Stay crafty!!!

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