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Don’t Rain on My Photo Shoot

Don’t Rain on My Photo Shoot

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After the wettest “spring” in living memory, a theme has developed in my wardrobe- umbrellas! What can you do when you have a photo shoot planned and rain is forecasted AGAIN? Change your outfit, modify your travel plans, and bust out a retro umbrella, of course!

I used this approach for an outfit posted earlier this spring. I went for a 1960’s vibe, although only my blouse and hat were actually vintage. That dotted umbrella? It’s probably from the 1980’s and was a gift from my umbrella-collecting grandmother. As accessories go, I wonder if this can be considered a “statement umbrella”? Deep thoughts.

This statement making accessory got another chance to shine later this spring. My vintage 90’s jumper picked up some grunginess from lace-up boots and a denim jacket. The umbrella, however, did it’s best to lighten the mood.

The jumper was super comfy- I am now on the hunt to find more. (See this post for additional vintage jumper love.) The weather, however, necessitated the addition of leggings underneath. My inner grunge person was pleased by this.

May is nearly over, but the rain decided to return YET AGAIN. Although I had to cancel the rose garden photo shoot and the floral dress, there was an upside. The weather prompted the creation of an outfit I had long been considering. Combine an incredibly loud 1980’s sweater with a vibrant skirt and endearingly giant earrings from the same decade. Add the appropriately clashing statement umbrella, and call it a day!

I was surprised by the comfiness of this 100% cotton, 100% crazy sweater during our fall vintage sweater survey. The swishy pleated skirt made up for its lack of warmth by it’s swishiness AND elastic waist.

Twirl test successfully conducted.

Mary Poppins test successfully conducted.

Since it was no longer raining, I was able to stop and smell the flowers.

And more flowers!

The plants know it’s spring, even if the weather doesn’t!

Although this was probably our last storm of the season, you just can’t be sure. I will be keeping a sharp eye on the forecast for a while… My statement umbrella and I are ready!

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