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Emma Tribute

Emma Tribute

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Eek! A new film version of Jane Austen’s Emma has just come out, and I have nothing to wear! Well, perhaps I do, in truth. My first Regency-inspired dress and bonnet (made in this post) and my red cape from the Little Women post will have to do! Although not remotely historically accurate, the ensemble is very enjoyable to wear! I’m sure Emma herself wouldn’t dream of wearing something she didn’t like…

The whole outfit is surprisingly comfortable (especially on a lovely sunny day)! I completely loooove this homemade bonnet, which is trimmed with a (gasp!) doily! I am rather proud of that one…

Here is the dress by its much more summery self. I made it from a completely unrelated pattern, and enjoyed a somewhat convoluted learning journey during its creation. (If you haven’t read the full saga, enjoy it here.)

In true Austen style, I went on a ramble through the vegetation.

Let me know what you think of the film. I hope to see it soon, and may or may not attend in costume… Let us meet for tea to discuss it, shall we?

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