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Fall Dress Upcycle

Fall Dress Upcycle

Got a dress that has outdated sleeves, is a weird length, or both? I find that if I can break down a fashion up-cycle into three steps, it is worth my time to make the fix. Here is my favorite example of taking something I would never wear and making it into a chic dress I can wear all the time.

  1. Get rid of the weird sleeves
  2. Chop off the unwanted length
  3. Adjust and hem under the arms and hem bottom.

The hardest part was adjusting and hemming under the arms since the fabric always poofs after I take the sleeves off. (I used a rolled hem under the arms so I wouldn’t get green lint all over my armpits).


This dress is a versatile piece for all seasons with some layering or a pair of sandals.

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