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Fashion Challenge: 10 Decades in 10 Days

Fashion Challenge: 10 Decades in 10 Days

As the title indicates, I gave myself an extended fashion challenge. For ten days, I would wear outfits inspired by the decades between 1910 and 2000. Realistically, I couldn’t aim for historical accuracy, as most of my “historical” clothing is homemade or thrifted. I also limited the number of accessories for each outfit and did not replicate historical makeup. Despite all this leniency, my challenge did indeed prove challenging, as I had to wear the clothes in public AND deal with summer weather. Here are my adventures…


Yes, I wore a skirt to the beach! Since it was cold and windy, all those layers actually paid off! However, I did NOT wear the restrictive undergarments that ladies of the time would have worn. Those outdoors women were REAL women! Most of my more modern outfit was thrifted, except for the excellent backpack from my Aunty Mug! More outfit details coming soon in our Vintage Beach Attire post!


I kept my 1920’s outfit pretty simple, as I had an important mission. List in hand, I headed to the half-off sale at my local thrift store craft store! So many pieces to so many projects were obtained! So much money was saved! My comfy dress, which was an easy refashion project from this post, did not let me down! Of course, I couldn’t refrain from adding a hat.


I saved the 1930’s outfit for date night, as this outfit was pretty involved! Fashions from the 30’s can be hard to recreate at the thrift store, as many of the styles haven’t “come back” as much as with more popular decades. The blouse was my mom’s in the 1970’s (thanks Mom!), but that excellent skirt is actually modern! Of course, the hat, purse, gloves, and earrings are vintage! Vintage ladies loved their accessories!


This outfit was inspired my my excellent scarf and classic shorts, both thrifted. Yes, the scarf does have bowler hats all over it, and yes, those vintage earrings are strawberries! Need I say more?


This jumper was actually the first result of a looooong summer sewing adventure! (Stay tuned for upcoming posts documenting my successes, failures, and creative growth in my #sewingjourney!) As you can see from the pictures, I had just picked up my sewing machine after some routine maintenance. The lady at the shop complimented my “style,” which I hope meant she didn’t see all the goofs on the dress! lol! Guess what I did when I got home? Honestly, I did change into shorts and a T-shirt, but then I got right back to sewing! 😉


I used 1960’s Day as an excuse to wear a bunch of my favorite pieces all together. Remember that flower-power jewelry? Yup, they are a favorite project from this post! Remember that dress? Yup, it’s proudly featured in this post! The purse and bag, however, are finally having their blogging lime light! I can’t believe how much I love them, how much I love them together, AND and how I managed to never used them before!! The ladies at the dry cleaners commented on how my whole outfit matched! 😉 They are so *sweet*!


I was super grateful for 1970’s Day, as the weather turned hot! Perfect time for a vintage hippy dress, grungy sandals, and a funny hat! Why aren’t cotton dresses more of a thing today? (Bonus for cutesy floral prints.) Seriously, People, you could learn stuff from hippies!


1980’s Day was another warm one! I was craving shorts, so I turned to this vintage high-waisted pair which I had ice-dyed in this post! The shirt came from my grandma and actually has tiny hearts woven into the fabric! Squee! Although I may have slightly scared passers by, this crazy-bright outfit made me very happy! Besides, I had my vintage (and very heavy) Ray Bans to hide behind when necessary.


Let’s hear it for vintage skirts! This 90’s number is not only made from comfy knit fabric, but it also features an elastic waistband, vibrant colors, twirliness, and POCKETS!! The backpack is actually from my closet and has been in use since it was gifted to me in the 1990’s! (Thanks, Grandma Laura!) I refrained from wearing butterfly clips for the picture, but don’t think I don’t have them.


I actually had to search Pinterest for reminders of what we wore in the 2000’s. Lol! Of course, when I put on this vintage midi-length skirt and slightly clashing cropped tank, it all came back. I had to add the obligatory anklet, although sadly, my toe ring had long since broken. My vintage outfit was quite comfortable for an epic thrifting trip with my friend Heather! I refrained from purchasing the Greek statue. Wonder if it’s still there…

Phew! That’s a lot of fashion! Admittedly, I was very ready for baggy shorts and T-shirts after this experiment… I hope my fashion-challenge-adventures prove to be amusing and perhaps a bit inspiring. I may not recommend wearing vintage-y clothing for 10 days straight, but how about once a week? There are so many decades of inspiration available. Why not start now? #onceaweekvintage

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