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Fashion Challenge: Bahama Mama

Fashion Challenge: Bahama Mama

There’s something about summer that makes wearing crazy prints and bright colors totally acceptable. Maybe it’s the heat affecting our fashion sense. Maybe it’s our inner kid going crazy for summer fun. Maybe we wish we were in Hawaii. Whatever the reason, I’m fully on board and am taking every opportunity to embrace my wanna-be-traveler-hippy-artist-Bahama-Mama side! Thrift stores have been my source for breezy, albeit kitschy, tropical wear. Vintage pieces are my new favorites and have accompanied me on many summer adventures. Gotta work this style while I’m still on island time…

These pictures were taken at the beautiful Lone Pine Garden in Sebastopol, California (check out their site here). They specialize in cacti, succulents, and Bonsai! I went crazy photographing the textures and colors around me! Not to be outshone, my vintage mumu had both punchy colors and cool, comfy fabric. My accessories included a modern hat and belt, with vintage earrings. Everything except my shoes were thrifted!

My next stop was at the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California (link here) to spend time with friends. This is one of our favorite places to walk, especially in the cooler evenings! The bridge is stunning, but don’t miss the beautiful botanical garden and walking paths!

My outfit, excluding shoes and bag, were thrift store finds. Those crazy pants and some of my forever faves!

My next stop was not at all tropical but was very delicious! I’ve been going with my family to the Marin French Cheese factory (found here) since I was a little kid! Just as I did then, I love the beautiful grounds and picnic areas as much as I love the cheese! This vintage dress (from Hawaii!) is one of my favorites, since it is cute and super breezy! My belt, necklace, and hat were also thrift store finds.

One of the best and most obvious choices for a summery experience is the pool!

My perfectly pool-colored dress was a gift from the fabulous Mrs. Smauley, while the crazy cool bracelets were my grandmothers!


Ready for  a swim, Anyone?

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