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Fashion Challenge: “Jresses”

Fashion Challenge: “Jresses”

I am admittedly a vintage denim addict. It’s not just the name brands or current hipness that attracts me. I love the softened feel and super utilitarian vibe of these pieces, as well as their availability at thrift stores! This addiction sometimes leads me to purchase pieces that I love, but later find challenging to wear. One example is the vintage jean dress, or “Jress” as my hubby calls it. I love how a jress is casual because it’s denim, but not totally casual since it’s a dress. Jresses are, however, more than a little funky… Here’s what I’ve learned about wearing these thrift-store-scores!

Break up the denim-ness when possible. I love the easy midi length of this jumper/dress, but that IS a lot of denim! I brought in the striped shirt and patterned scarf to mix things up a bit. I wore my outfit on a Goodwill shopping trip and, while I didn’t find more vintage denim, I did eye those animal print purses!

Speaking of demin, this midi dress has lots of it! However, the striped pattern and big, industrial buttons, break things up a bit. A belt really helps too, because it defines the waist and interrupts the column of denim. Shopping note: search thrift stores for cute and comfy belts! Never know when they’ll come in handy.

I love how this jress has kind of an industrial Rosie-the-Riveter-meets-1990’s vibe! I put the belt and scarf tricks to work and added another favorite accessory- boots! If in doubt, try putting a vintage dress with modern boots and see what happens. The boots should help pull the dress into the present!

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to dealing with addiction. However, I already have garments lined up for another vintage denim posts! *Sigh* Stay tuned…

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