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Fashion Challenge: Vintage Coat

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This winter/spring, I have been “digging deep” into my closet and into my own creative dependence on new inspiration. In an attempt to investigate/use/celebrate clothing from my closet, I found lots of material for seasonal fashion challenges. For these challenges, I will use thrifted items I already own but are also readily available at thrift stores! I hope both you and I gain some glimmers of late winter/early spring inspiration. I may even (partially) clean my closet…

Of course, this week’s challenges is all about vintage coats! My favorite example is made from wool and probably originated in the 1960s. This coat was in such excellent condition that I had to buy it, even though that meant trying it on during a hot summer day! (Top thrift tip: Be open to shopping out of season!) Here are some of the ways I’ve styled it this winter.

Full-on Vintage:

An obvious outfit idea for a vintage coat is to take it back in time. Bring on the retro dress and pile on the accessories! This look is also surprisingly warm and comfortable. Result: One feels like the queen of England, which is obviously a good thing.


After removing the coat’s fur collar for cleaning, I found that the coat adapted much more easily casual outfits. I experimented with a super casual/comfortable/lazy outfit comprised of jeggings, an oversized sweater, and rain boots. I think this outfit shows off the coat’s boxy shape, which seems surprisingly on-trend. Result: The coat camouflages a lazy outfit, but may leave you wishing for hot chocolate.


Perfect for when you want to look cute but aren’t dedicated enough to concoct a full-vintage look. The plaid skirt was my only real inspiration, so I stuck to easy black pieces for the rest of the outfit. Result: This is good way to get your vintage kicks without people wondering if you’re in a period movie. Not that that’s a bad thing…)


This outfit was inspired by both the oversized coat trend and my need to justify a never-been-worn-by-me sweater vest and denim shirt in my closet. Getting to wear my grungy 90s corduroys and vintage cap was an added bonus. Result: I felt comfy, stylish, and very much like Bert from Mary Poppins. Obvious wins!

Ok, Crafters, there’s your fashion challenge. Go see where an old coat can take you!

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