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Fashion Trends for 2021 (According to ME!)

Fashion Trends for 2021 (According to ME!)

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Ever wonder what fashion trends await us in 2021? Ever wish you could pick the trends yourself?! (I do!) In today’s fashion adventure, I present you with my optimistic (and only slightly self-seeking) trend forecast for this new year! 🙂 Come along on a visit to my closet…

My favorite forecasted trends include “Grouchy-core,” “Zoom-core,” “PJ-core,” “Rainbow-core,” “Tie-dye-core,” “Decade-specific-retro-core,” and “Comfy-core.” I think all of these aesthetics have an excellent chance of trending in 2021! 😉

There you have it, Crafters! What trends do you envision for 2021? Let me know, and together we can make it happen! 😉 Stay crafty, Everyone!

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