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First Time Back… THRIFTING!

First Time Back… THRIFTING!

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They day finally arrived! The thrift stores in my area have reopened!!! Aaaahhhhhh!

As a dedicated thrifter, I have been looking forward to this day for months! (I also had a large bag of donatables from my pandemic closet cleaning efforts! lol!) I donned my mask, and set off for the adventure!

I didn’t get many photos, as I was busy filming the experience. However, I HAD to immortalized these vintage wonders! SO AMAZING! The hedgehog/cherry sweater was very nearly mine, but the wool was just too itchy… There did seem to be more vintage pieces than usual, which was super fun!

I did have to be super choosy, since I couldn’t try things on. I did, however, find some fun pieces for outfits and future projects! Here is the full video of my adventures, purchases, and idealized plans for each piece!

Of course, I had to snap some outfit pics with my purchases! I love this modern blouse, as it can be easily styled modern or vintage!

Vintage Hawaiian dresses ARE one of my addictions…. and this one is perfect!!! (Insert happy-crying-emogi) I think I have a problem…

I sure am looking forward to more thrifting adventures this summer! It was such a treat to be back- many thanks to all the folks working hard to help businesses reopen safely! I hope things are getting a bit more “normal” in your area, and hope you are enjoying a very lovely June. Stay crafty, Everyone! 🙂

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