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Flannel Peasant Skirt (from scraps!)

Flannel Peasant Skirt (from scraps!)

Today’s project is brought to you by my fabric stash- specifically the flannel collection! 🙂 I just LOVE flannel’s cozy feel and pretty plaids, so I hoard flannel remnants whenever I find them! (Yes, I admit that I may be a little obsessed…) The time has come, however, to unclutter the fabric stash and put some of those lovely flannel scraps to good use! I wanted to make something that was cute, comfy, easy to wear, and not too complicated to make! I thought this peasant skirt pattern would be the perfect thing!

These flannels scraps were just begging to be made into something! I saw that they were basically the same fabric weight and even had some colors in common. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a scrappy, “patchwork” peasant skirt?!

I had barely enough fabric, but I got the skirt and waistband pieces cut out! I then pinned the pieces for each tier of the skirt together at the side seams, making three circles of fabric.

To get the waistband ready, I lined the two pieces with iron-on interfacing, sewed the pieces together at the side seams, and ironed down the seam allowance on one long side. Next came the giant job of gathering, pinning, and sewing each tier of the skirt to the tier above it…

That wasn’t a particularly difficult process, but it took a while, a long while… 😉

However, once all that ruffling was done, the skirt was close to completion! I folded the waistband to the inside and stitched it down to form a tube for elastic. With the elastic inserted, I was able to hem the (very long) bottom edge of the skirt!

To see the whole project step by step, you can check out the video I made! 🙂

I took my comfy, colorful, and very swirly skirt on a walk to the park!

A beautiful day and a cheerful skirt- what a great combination! 🙂

Thank you for joining me for this scrap-busting, flannel-loving project, Crafters! 🙂 Hope you are all staying well AND are staying crafty! See you in our next project!!

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