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Flower Accessories: Bobby Pins

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Inspired by this spring’s hair trends, L and I have been busy crafting our own DIY accessories! Check out last week’s tutorial for a vintage-inspired silk flower pin and hair clip set! This week, we are making use of the simplest of hair wear, namely, the humble bobby pin. It’s time to give those hair pins some silk flower power! I raided the craft stash for a few supplies…

First step- removed the silk flower from its stem.

Next, cut several inches of thin jewelry wire and pick out a coordinating bead.

The wire, once threaded through the bead, will become a stamen-like structure to hold the flower together. Thread the wire through the bead and bend the wire in half with the bead at the middle. Wrap the wire around itself a few times at the base of the bead.

Next, thread your wire-and-bead stamen through the holes at the center of the petals. The bead needs to be big enough to resist being pulled through the hole.

Next, wrap the extra wire around the bobby pin to attach the flower.

Keep wrapping the wires around the bobby pin and around each other until the flower is secure. Wrap the wires around each other several times before clipping off the excess wire. The sharp ends of the wires can be covered with a blob of hot glue and before being bent under the bloom.

I made a bouquet of bobby pins and put them to work in a flower-power-hairdo!

The best thing about this project is being able to customize your hair accessories to you outfit! I’m loving these orange and blue blooms!

I may have to make more for future outfits!

Stay tuned next week for more bloomin’ accessories! Next up- sunflowers!

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