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Flower Accessories: Sunflowers!

Flower Accessories: Sunflowers!

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We have been loving our DIY flower accessories! Today, we feature a throwback bloom popular in the 1990’s. You guessed it- sunflowers! Lindee designed these pieces to add a touch of 90’s grunge to otherwise girly accessories! Let’s first see how she made the hair piece. She raided the craft stash for a barrette, scraps of leather (you could use felt), the hot glue gun, and silk sunflowers.

She deconstructed each flower by removing the green plastic base, unstacking the petals, and removing any interior support structures. She then restacked the petals in size order, gluing the layers together with hot glue. (See this post for details.) She then glued the trimmed flower center back on top.

With the blooms reassembled, she prepared the barrette by covering it with a piece of leather cut to size. The leather would become a base for the blooms to be glued to.

She also added a small strap-like piece of leather to keep the base in place.

Time to glue on some blooms!

We had a cute hair accessory, but why not add some matching jewelry? Let’s add more 90’s flair and make a sunflower choker! Lindee reassembled another sunflower before retrieving some ribbon, leather, and a pendant base.

She glued a sunflower to one side of the pendant and some leather to the other. Easy!

She paired her newly bloomed accessories with a vintage denim dress!

This outfit is perfect for spring!

Check out this tutorial for more bloomin’ accessories! Happy spring, Crafters! 🙂

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