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Funny Bunny Earrings

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It’s time for another tutorial about how to DIY your holiday bling! This time, I was inspired by my lack of Easter accessories! Time to hit the craft stash and get to work! (Stay tuned for a Funny Bunny scarf tutorial next week!)

My craft stash search yielded felt, post earring bases and backings, puffy paint, and wooden buttons. My handy E6000 glue was ready to help. I also recommend having toothpicks handy for detail work.



The wooden buttons would soon become bunny heads. I traced the button on scratch paper and then sketched ears.



I folded my ear sketch in half (to keep things symmetrical) and then cut out the paper ears. This cut-out became a pattern that I traced onto the felt. I used a disappearing fabric pen for the tracing.



Next, I used E6000 to glue the ears to the button “bunny heads.” Once that glue had set, I glued earring backings to the buttons.




While that glue was setting, I prepared my “drying rack.” I needed a way to keep the earrings face up and still during the paint drying process. My rack consisted of a box with holes poked in it by a darning needle. After painting, I inserted the post backings into the holes, which kept the earrings upright.



Once the glue was dry, I started adding features to the bunny faces. I used a toothpick to apply dots of puffy fabric paint to the buttons. This was a tedious job, and I ended up adding more paint than I had intended. My advice would be to wield your toothpick with a calm state of mind and a less-is-more approach! (You could also practice on a piece of paper first!)



After painting, I left the earrings to dry on the rack for several hours. The paint can take a while to dry, especially if you apply it in big dots like I did. It’s best to let it dry longer than you think necessary. I may have gotten impatient and smudged mine a bit…

With the paint dry, I named my now pop-art-inspired earrings “Funny Bunnies”!




These will be lots of fun to wear during Easter Bunny season! My next project will be to paint a Funny Bunny scarf to match! Stay tuned for that tutorial next week!


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