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Halloween Season at Goodwill- Shop Vintage Now!

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It may be September, but our Goodwill thrift stores are ready for Halloween! Regardless of your costuming needs, this is one of the best times to search for vintage and vintage-inspired items! Many thrift stores save up costumes and vintage clothing specifically for Halloween season, making this THE time to shop! I suggest visiting your local stores periodically during this month and next, as you never know what will show up on the racks! Here are a few items on my shopping list! 🙂

First of all, don’t overlook the racks crammed with tacky packaged costumes. Behind each distasteful item could be a vintage garment or a handmade costume! Sometimes nicely-made personal or theater costumes get donated! (And ice skating leotards, apparently!) It’s worth taking a look!

Of course, I’m loving the giant displays of wedding and formal gowns! These dresses are often inspired by vintage styles and can be modified into period looks! Petticoats or crinolines are also easy to find! These underpinnings are so helpful for creating old-timey silhouettes! I’m currently hunting for one with Civil War-era vibe for a future Little Women movie party! 😉

Speaking of those party plans, I had to try on this VERY old-time ball gown. Sadly, it didn’t fit, but I’m sure the right person will find it!

I also love the abundance of 1980’s dresses that appear at Halloween! Many of these dresses are based on styles from much earlier decades! I thought this one would be super cute for a sassy 1940’s look, minus the shoulder pads of course!

I am always on the hunt for white, vintagey blouses like this one! Don’t skip the blouse aisle- the right blouse can hint at a period look, even if the rest of your outfit is modern!

Just like blouses, vintage skirts are always on my list! They add very wearable retro flair to the ol’ wardrobe. The purple corduroy skirt seemed to be from the 1950’s, but sadly didn’t fit. The tan one, however, came home with me!

I was particularly interested in the length and volume of this skirt. Although it could function in a range of decades, I’m searching for one full enough for that Civil War outfit. I didn’t end up buying this skirt, however, as the stitched-in elastic of the waist would have been harder to take in than a simple band.

Of course, every season is the right season to shop for vintage mumus! They are especially nice with socks. 😉

But wait, what about accessories? Dig through that pile of hats! There could be vintage styles and/or simple hats made from natural materials that can be turned “vintagey.”

Lastly, always check the displays of accessories and home decor items! (Just look at those shoes!) You never know what you will find. Braided ponytail, Anyone?

Of course, thrifting is a treasure hunt, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find gems at every store! Visit your favorite shops regularly, and keep an open mind! Hope you all have as much fun thrift-shopping this season as I do! Happy Hunting! 🙂

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