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Have you heard? It’s almost the 20s!

Have you heard? It’s almost the 20s!

I couldn’t be more excited about the fashion implications of our new decade! I’m already digging out my cloche hats and planning 1920s-inspired outfits! What better way to ring in the new year but with some flapper flair?

Start with a vintage coat (this one is probably from the 90s), and add vintage-y accessories. My hat and shoes are old Nordstroms and Clarks purchases, while my gloves were a gift! (Thanks, Aunty Mug!) Add smokey black eye liner, a long string of beads, and plenty of sass!

These accessories are more than enough to transform a drop-waist 1980s dress into flapper finery!

Of course, you also have to be ready to party like it’s the 20s! 🙂 Check out our favorite posts featuring diy dresses, homemade accessories, and thrift store scores to help you get inspired for the new decade! Happy New Years, Fabulous Flappers!

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