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Holiday Loungewear: Flapper Style!

Holiday Loungewear: Flapper Style!

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This year has got me rethinking my holiday outfits… All the time at home has made me value comfiness, warmth, and cuteness! If I can get at least two of those features in an outfit, then it is a win! That got me thinking- why not make some vintage loungewear and give it a holiday twist?! I turned to one of my favorite vintage patterns… (Find the link here.)

Do you remember when I first made this project during the pandemic? It turned out so well, that I wore the dress often when spending time at home! (Check out that project here!) To create a holiday look, I picked out this very sassy fabric remnant! The crazy pattern and slippery texture made me a bit nervous, but I persevered! (Hey, it’s a remnant. I got it for cheap, so I HAVE to use it, right?)

The pattern directions showed me how to make a caftan dress from a folded rectangle of fabric. Since my fabric was much wider than that described by the pattern, my garment had much more excess fabric draping to the sides. This actually turned out pretty cool, as it created a longer “sleeve” and flowy silhouette.

Although it looks like a giant piece of fabric, that caftan dress is just waiting for holiday accessories and vintage hair/makeup to shine!

Check out the full adventure in this video!

Although the project had it’s challenges, I was pretty happy with the results!

I feel like this piece has flapper attitude to spare! It may be loungewear, but it sure is fabulous (and comfy)! Holiday 2020? Bring it on.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday sewing adventure! Go ahead and get out your best (comfy) holiday finery! Calling all flappers- it’s holiday time! 🙂

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