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Holiday Vintage

Holiday Vintage

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Holiday celebrations are a great excuse to style vintage and vintage-inspired outfits! You can go as relaxed or dressy as you want and still show your retro holiday flair! Here’s a little vintage outfit inspiration, just in time for Christmas, New Years, and everything in between! We’ve ranked each outfit by vibe and level of commitment needed to recreate the look. Each one, however, is comfortable, festive, and celebration ready! Time to par-TAY!


Difficulty: Easy

Retro dress + sweater + awesome hat = comfy but festive! Cozy accessories add warmth and even more pattern mixing opportunities! Better yet, these pieces are probably in your closet already!

Retro Sweater for the Win

Difficulty: Easy

See why we love thrifted sweaters? (Also evidenced by this post, this post, and this one!) You pair ’em with yoga pants, boots, and a great hat, and you’re not only comfy/toasty/happy but darn cute doing it!

Vintage Coat + Accessories

Difficulty: Easy

This one is rated “easy” because of the minimal effort required for vintage fabulousness. Bring that vintage coat out of mothballs, pair big earrings with big glasses, and layer it over whatever you like. A little black dress would be a no-brainer here, but you can go as all-in-vintage as you like.

DIY Retro Accessories for a Dress You Already Own!

Difficulty: Moderate

Don’t have the retro holiday dress of your dreams? Make your own holiday accessories to transform your look! It’s not only economical, but it’s exactly what stylish ladies of the past would have done! Check out the easy DIY tutorial for this snood, corsage, hairclip, and shoe clips! You get extra credit for adding vintage or vintage-like jewelry to complete your outfit!

Let that Vintage Formal Shine!

Difficulty: Moderate

The holidays are THE TIME to bring those drool-worthy-but-hard-to-wear-everyday vintage dresses out of the closet and let them SHINE!! (Hey, they take up closet space, so may as well enjoy ’em!) Pair that dress with some thrifted jewelry and romantic DIY flowers for a real outfit showstopper!

Full-on Formal Period Look

Difficulty: Dedicated

If you are lucky enough to have a formal holiday event in your future, then seize that moment (er, dress)! Do a little vintage research, check out hair/makeup tutorials, and GO TO TOWN! My 1930s-inspired look took some effort but was super fun (and got LOTS of compliments)!

Shameless Holiday Sweater

Difficulty: Easy but Dedicated

If you’re buying an “ugly” sweater, then it really should be vintage. And if you’re wearing that sweater (as you should) at every possible occasion this month, then be dedicated! Show no vintage shame! Rock that sweater with diy holiday leggings, diy earrings, and your choice of matching/clashing scarf! When else can we have this much fun letting our love of vintage looks shine!? Party on, Retro Ladies, Party on! 😉

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