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How to Tie Dye in an Apartment: Starburst Dress and Tote

How to Tie Dye in an Apartment: Starburst Dress and Tote

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Another day, another dye! (Tie dye, that is!) I’ve been having too much fun trying out small-space dyeing projects to quit now! Today’s DIY is only slightly harder than last week’s tutorial on basic tie dying methods. (You can find that post here!) Today, we are experimenting with ways to create “starburst” patterns using a specific fabric tying method. The dyeing process, though, will be just as simple as it was last week! This project is also apartment friendly, and we’ll be doing most of it in my kitchen! 🙂

I prepped my work surface and gathered my supplies! I had purchased a new dye color to try, Rit’s Charcoal Gray, and some Rit Dye Fixative for extra color protection. Of course, I had my favorite cleaner, paper towel, gloves, sponge, cup of salt, and dye spoon ready too!

I picked out a cotton T-shirt dress and tote bag for this project! (You can find the dress I used here!) Time to get out the rubber bands and start tying! Don’t worry, I’ll show you how in the video!

We did the tying, so let’s head to the sink for some dyeing!

Check out the video to see the whole process! 🙂

After dyeing, fixative-ing (?), washing, and drying, I was super excited to see the final results!

I really love how the gray dye looks on the both the white bag AND on the purple dress! This may be a new favorite dye color!

The dress is a thick, comfy knit! The fabric is so thick, actually, that the starbursts didn’t show clearly on the back. Guess I should have tied the back of the dress separately… live and learn! 🙂 I still love the pattern!

I dance for dye! 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed today’s tie dye adventure! You can find more fun dying projects to try yourself here and here! Stay Crafty, Everyone!

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