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How to Tie Dye (in an apartment!)

How to Tie Dye (in an apartment!)

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If you thought I was done with fabric dye for the season, you should double check your calendar! It’s still summer, and I’m dyeing to tie! (Tie Dye, that is!) My ice dying project from this post was so much fun! I couldn’t wait to do more projects, but I had space restrictions… Since I live in an apartment, I had to find a DIY that didn’t require much space and didn’t make much mess! Enter the subject of today’s post, namely, the Most-Basic-Tie-Dye-Project-Ever! Welcome to my tie dye lab, a.k.a. my kitchen sink.

I assembled my basic tie-dye supply kit: Rit dye, salt (recommended when dying cotton), gloves, a stirring spoon, and clean up supplies! (Bar Keeper’s Friend is my fav for removing dye stains from surfaces!) I covered my counter and floor with old towels. It’s also a good idea to cover the lower cabinet doors with towels, while you’re at it! Good prep means easier clean up!

Time for tying! I used rubber bands to scrunch up the fabric of a cotton Tshirt dress and sweatshirt! You can find the dress I used here!

Time to get dyeing! I filled up my sink with hot water and added the Rit dye and salt!

I made a video to show how easy the process was! Check it out for step-by-step instructions for the whole process and lots of tie dye tips! (Also beach footage, which is always good!)

Even though the process was simple, the results turned out great!

Obviously, I had to wear them right away! The dress is super comfy and very easy to dress up or down!

A beach trip calls for tie dye!


This project was so fun and easy that I just may have to do more tie dye soon… 😉 Check out the video to see for yourself! Hope you are enjoying summer and staying crafty, Everyone!

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