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I (Finally) Try a Tie Dye Kit!

I (Finally) Try a Tie Dye Kit!

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I know it sounds weird, but I don’t have much experience with tie dye kits. Ya know, craft store kits with plastic squeezy bottles full of fabric dye? Nope, never really used them! When I learned how to tie dye (Thank you, Aunty Mug!!!) I learned a vat dying process that used (higher quality) powdered dye. Those squeezy bottles just weren’t part of the process.

Fast forward to today, and I’m all about small-space friendly, easy dyeing projects. This, it seems, is the right time to try the squeezy bottles. I picked out a blue/green tie dye kit and an extra bottle of purple dye, both from Tulip.

I chose a cotton tshirt tunic and a rayon dress for dying. The dress would be a bit of a gamble since it was already gray, but I thought it could be cool…

Time for tying! I kept things simple by folding the dress loosely in vertical pleats and just bunching up the shirt. The kit contained the necessary rubber bands!

Time for dyeing! Using the squeezy turned out to be harder than I had expected. It took a while to get enough dye out of the bottles and to keep that dye on the fabric! (It kept beading off!) I also worked hard to make sure the dye went into the folds of the fabric, applying dye to both the front and back of the garments. I tried to create colored bands down the length of the dress and then just went crazy with all-over colored splotches on the shirt.

I’m afraid I didn’t get photos of the dyeing process (I had too much dye on my gloves), but I did film it! Check out the video to see the full experience!

After letting the dye set and washing the garments, I got to see my results! The gray color of the dress proved to be a bit too much for some of the lighter colored dyes to compete with. I think I will dye this dress again to add a bit more color to the lighter areas! Stay tuned on this one!

The tshirt, however, turned out super vibrant!

The tshirt had such summer camp vibes, that I just had to take it on a hike! 🙂

I think I still prefer my vat-dying methods, especially for larger garments that need a lot of dye. Additionally, I like being able to choose the intensity of dye that I mix myself. I do want to experiment more with tie dye kits, though, so stay tuned for more adventures! Stay crafty, Everyone!

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