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Jegging Scarf

Jegging Scarf

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It’s probable that I am not the ONLY gal out there who has a few pairs of ill-fitting jeggings or leggings lurking in the closet. (Seriously, WHO designs these things?) They don’t fit well,  but still I keep them. Well, the moment has come to either toss or craft! I chose some thin gray jeggings and got started on a project that had been bugging me for a while.


That thin, stretchy denim had been teasing me with project potential. I finally settled on the simplest possible transformation- sew the legs of the jeggings end-to-end to create a scarf! I started by marking a straight line at the top of the pant legs and under the pockets. I cut along this line to free the legs.












Next, I turned the legs inside out and pinned the raw edges right sides together.








I stitched this up using a zig-zag stitch and a needle for heavy knits, since the fabric was stretchy.


I then trimmed the thick hems off the bottom of the pant legs. After turning the pant-legs-turned-tube of fabric right side out, I stitched the bottom of the legs closed. I left the edges raw, since I liked the frayed look.


And that was that- my scarf was stitched! I really like the denim look, although I think a thicker denim would have been too bulky. I definitely recommend using thin material for this project! I also think a slightly longer scarf would be nice, so next time I will steal jeggings from my tall sister! 😉 I did feel pretty accomplished for getting an unused piece of clothing out of the closet and onto the craft table! To celebrate, I took my scarf on a walk in the park!


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