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Leafy Green Earrings (in time for St Patrick’s!)

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I love seasonal accessories, but I don’t love paying alot for something I can only wear for a short time. Of course, I get really excited when I find ways to make my own holiday bling! While searching through my jewelry making stash recently, I came across some leafy green beads that were perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. The result was shamrock-inspired post earrings that are cute for the holiday AND springtime!


I started by gathering my supplies. The tiny green, flower-shaped beads were the original inspiration for the project. Those beads became the “leaves,” while bugle beads became the “stems” of my shamrocks. I used 3/8 inch diameter earring posts and matching backings. I tried a new glue for this project, an E600 designed for jewelry making. (More on that later.) Tweezers and a toothpick helped position beads and glue.




I first created a “drying rack” for the earrings by poking small holes in a box with a darning needle. I would later insert the earring posts into the holes, keeping the posts upright and level. This was a must during the glue drying process!



With the drying rack ready, I started playing with ways to arrange my beads. Here is the practice shamrock shape.



Time for gluing! I covered the earring post with a big blop of glue. Then I stuck the beads into the glue as best as I could. This was a bit tedious, and it took several tries to get the beads arranged correctly. The tweezers proved especially helpful for positioning the little bugle bead stems.



Now a note about the glue. The directions stated that this glue should dry for at least 24 hours and possibly 48. I tried wiggling the glued-on beads after about 24 hours, and they weren’t set yet! The 48 hour time frame was needed for my particular materials. I would recommend allowing the base layer of glue to dry for 24 hours and then applying a little more glue in any gaps around the beads. This can help seal the beads onto the post. Wait at least 24 hours more (48 hours total!) before wearing the earrings.



Patient glue drying was rewarded with some cute lil’ earrings!



These look great with my Saint Patrick’s Day scarf, but could easily coordinate with other green outfits!



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Everyone!












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