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Modern Supplies, Retro Results: Vintage Fruit Jewelry

Modern Supplies, Retro Results: Vintage Fruit Jewelry

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I love vintage costume jewelry! It’s fun; it’s blingy; and it’s often kinda wacky! One of my favorite styles to look for is novelty fruit jewelry! Although *adorable* vintage styles are easy to find online, they can be pricey! I challenged myself to make my own retro fruit jewelry using modern beads from my local bead and craft stores! I started with these cute “apples,” leaves, ladybugs, and matching seed beads.

For this post, I will be showing you my supplies and design ideas, but will not be teaching beading basics. For help with those techniques, check out this video and those in this series. I started designing my “apple” necklace by experimenting with bead arrangements. I lined the beads up on a plate until I liked the sequence. I had my tiger tail beading cord ready so I could see how the arrangement looked when strung.

So cute! All I needed was more green seed beads, the clasp with crimp beads, and the extender chain.

I paired my “apple” necklace with a 1960’s inspired dress and accessories!

I loooove the apple beads with my gingham dress! The basket-style purse (a rummage sale score!) is pretty fun too! The only truly vintage item in my outfit is my head scarf, which came courtesy of my grandmother!

My next project was inspired by these cute yellow/pink glass beads. I paired them with little leafy green beads and strung them on eye pins to make little pendants. I decided that they looked like grapefruit.

Time to experiment with designs! Viola!

After making matching earrings, I paired the jewelry with another 1960’s inspired outfit!

Aaah! Those tiny “grapefruit” make me squee!

My dress was a thrift store score, while my sweater was a gift from my fabulous friend, Joy. As before, my headscarf is the only vintage item in the bunch!

My last project was some cheeky cherry earrings, inspired by 1950’s cherry prints!

They almost look good enough to eat!

I will style these cherry earrings in next week’s post. Until then, enjoy this picture from my local fruit stand. Mmm! 🙂 Happy crafting!

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