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Mother’s Day Tribute: Grandma Style

Mother’s Day Tribute: Grandma Style

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As our final Mother’s Day tribute, this week’s post asks the question, “What is grandma style?” Well, if you are lucky enough to have a fashion-conscious grandma who kept lots of fabulous pieces from the 1950’s, grandma style is pretty awesome! Lindee and I seized the chance to do a quick photo shoot last year when we were organizing our costume archive. Other than my shoes, every part of our outfits is literally Grandma’s style! (Lindee can actually wear her shoes!)

Both dresses seem to be made from cotton and feature the classic 1950’s fitted bodices with full skirts! Blues and aquas are some of our favorite colors too, Grandma!

See Lindee’s silver shoes? Grandma style!

I really admire the detailing on this dress, especially those dangly pearl buttons! They look great with the accents on my hat and clip-on earrings!

Lindee loved her dress and hat combo too! We are still getting over THOSE GLASSES!!

Thanks, Grandma, for giving us the chance to learn about fashion history first hand! We Love Your Style!!! 🙂

A final shout-out to all the awesome moms and grandmas in our lives! This includes a big thanks to our Grandma Laura who taught us that you are never too old to build an epic pillow fort! 🙂 he he! Also, many thanks to the adopted “moms” out there who help take care of us, regardless of our age! We love you ladies! Your style and personalities inspire us!

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