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Mother’s Day Tribute: Mom’s Gunne Sax Dresses

Mother’s Day Tribute: Mom’s Gunne Sax Dresses

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This week’s Mother’s Day post honors none other than our Mom! Thank goodness she saved her awesome Gunne Sax Dresses from the 1970’s! This brand proudly took the prairie/medieval/hippy trends of the day to a whole new level! Since the dresses fit Lindee perfectly, she wore them outside to discover where have all the flowers gone? (Sorry, Mom, couldn’t resist.)

Here’s a picture of Mom styling the dress at a family wedding! (Love the shawl, Mom! Can I borrow it?) Don’t look now, but that’s my dad accidentally photo bombing on the right!

Lindee did find some flowers, as well as the evening breeze and setting sun! To find out how she made her necklace and hair clip, check out our Flower Accessories: Sunflowers post .

This next dress is another from Mom’s collection! Unfortunately, we haven’t found a picture of Mom wearing it… yet! Lindee styled this super romantic dress with layered necklaces and more homemade accessories, this time from our Flower Accessories: Hair Clip and Pin post.

We couldn’t resist capturing the setting sun in a picture or two…

Thanks, Mom! Your dresses still shine!

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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Tribute: Mom’s Gunne Sax Dresses”

  • I had a Gunnie Sax prom dress. Like your mom’s but powder blue. That’s fabulous that mom saved her dresses so you could enjoy them too.

    • Aaaaaw! 😀 They are such beautiful dresses!!! I think the brand should make a comeback! Yes, big thanks to my mom for keeping them AND for letting us borrow them! 🙂

  • I grew up in the SF Bay Area and owning at least one gunne sax was the norm . Thanks to my sweet mom who saves everything , she wrapped and saved some of my me and my sisters’ gunnes’ they are timeless ; I agree The company should make a comeback !

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