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Mother’s Day Tribute: Let’s Go for a Walk!

Mother’s Day Tribute: Let’s Go for a Walk!

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In preparation for Mother’s Day, we are writing posts in honor of some fabulous ladies in our family! Today’s post takes us to one of our favorite wildlife preserves and honors true outdoor enthusiasts- our grandma or “Amah” and our Great Grandmother Mary! Amah took us hiking here at Mt Burdell in Novato, CA when we were kids! Spring is the perfect time to return for a much-anticipated hike!

I attribute my “Let’s go for a walk!” impulse to Amah, who is always up for walk, hike, or educational detour. On a day like this, you really can’t argue!

Cue the music! “The hills are alive…” Although Amah would NOT encourage hiking in a dress, I’ll bet my Great Grandmother Mary did it! She was an enthusiastic fisherwoman, hunter, and camper! Those outdoorswomen of the 1920’s and 30’s were hard core, especially considering that they didn’t have the specialized clothing and equipment we have today!

My dress takes it’s cue from the 1920’s, but is actually a DIY project! The design is very similar to our favorite 1920’s Dress from Polo Shirt tutorial, with the addition of a gathered skirt. Being mostly cotton, it was super comfy for hiking! My boots are Clarks from several years ago, while my backpack came from my fabulous Auntie Mug!

As we hiked into the hills, our trail took us past an amazing buckeye tree!

The ancient oaks were pretty amazing too!

Just look at that view!

Of course, there were wildflowers everywhere! Thanks to Amah, I can name many of them- Brodiaea, Blue Eyed Grass, Butter Cups, Sun cups, Clover, Butter and Eggs Clover, Vetch, and even Larkspur!

Another lasting lesson from Amah is the rule that you ALWAYS have to stop and read the educational placards! EVERY. TIME.

Thanks, Amah! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

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