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Musical Candle Jars (With Glitter!)

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As a sequel to the musical garlands post from last week, I’m sharing a tutorial for coordinating glittery candle jars! My supplies included leftover sheet music from last week’s post (check http://www.freesheetmusic.net/ for music), recycled baby food jars, a sponge applicator, glitter, and mod podge glue. The small jars were the perfect size for tea light candles.



I cut my sheet music into strips wide enough to cover the neck of the jar. I applied mod podge to the jar’s neck and wrapped the paper strip around it. (I had to squish the gluey paper a bit to stick it into the uneven surface.)








I let the paper strip dry before adding the next element- glitter!!! I coated the jar (excluding the paper strip) with with a thick-ish layer of glue. I then held the gluey jar over a bowl and sprinkled on the glitter!



I gently patted the glitter into the glue before letting the jar dry. (Drying could take half an hour or more. The glue will be clear when dry.) The next step was to carefully dab a coating of glue over the glitter AND paper to seal both under a protective clear layer. I had to work carefully to fully coat the rough glitter while avoiding breaking bits of the sponge applicator off in the process! To keep glitter from contaminating my jar of mod podge, I poured glued into a jar lid and applied the glue from there.



This last glue layer took some time to dry but helped to create an icy look on the glass! 🙂 I love these candles paired with my music garlands! (Check out that post here .) They would coordinate well with black, white, and silver decorations for a party or holiday! So many possibilities!


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