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Musical Garlands

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Today’s post was inspired by those adorable banners and garlands all over Pinterest! Cute pendants, pom poms, streamers- I love ’em! For my project, I wanted to create garlands from inexpensive materials and be able to use the garlands for multiple occasions (including upcoming Valentine’s Day)! My go-to material in this case was old sheet music! You can download free sheet music at sites like http://www.freesheetmusic.net/ . (Check out their selection of Bach!!) For an antiqued look, pick up old music books at the thrift store and use the paper!

For my garlands, I experimented with three different shapes- hearts, pendants, and 3D hearts. I hung the shapes on a thin crochet yarn, similar to baker’s twine. Before attaching shapes, I marked equal increments on the cord using a pen. These markings showed me where each shape should be attached. Here are the shapes I started with for the 3D hearts.



To create a 3D effect, I glued two hearts together at the middle fold and sandwiched the string in between.








Next, I made garlands using “flat” heart shapes!







I put a little glue on one half of the heart/butterfly shape before folding the shape in half with the cord sandwiched in at the fold.







I used a similar method for the pendant garland, but cut out diamond shapes that created folded triangles.


And here are the resulting garlands! I think these would be really cute for Valentine’s Day, a vintage-y tea party, or even Christmas! So many possibilites!

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