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Nifty Gifties for Kids!

Nifty Gifties for Kids!

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You know who really gets Christmas? Kids. They don’t wait to get in the holiday spirit. They get excited about every Christmasy experience that comes their way. And, they know exactly how many days are left until the big day… Speaking of days left, it’s time to get crafting some Nifty Gifties for those kids in your life! Here are a few favorite projects for making kids (and inner-children) very happy! Click the photos and/or titles to see the full tutorials!

Felt Playsets– First, start with large felt shapes…

Add some DIY trees and peg-doll people…

Then go camping!

Or make a fairy garden! You pick!!

Pom-pom Snowball Fight– I get excited by any chance to use my pom-pom makers! You don’t need many supplies…

…to make a soft and squishy indoor snowball fight! Sock Monkey even tried making a snow angel (uh, monkey)!

Kid’s T-Shirts– Everyone loves customized T-shirts! 🙂 These are super cute for kids, toddlers, and babies!

Grab some fabric paint and your trusty foam stamps! Don’t have any stamps? Check out this and this tutorial for easily making your own!

Pick your kiddo’s favorite character and start stamping!

The nieces and nephews have had lots of fun with these gifties! Of course, Auntie had a lot of fun making (and playing with) them too! 😉 Happy Crafting!

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