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Nifty Gifties: Quick Gifts to DIY!

Nifty Gifties: Quick Gifts to DIY!

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Merry Christmas from Partners in Craft! In the spirit of the season, we proudly present some of our favorite Nifty Gifties! These crafts are perfect for last minute presents or for fun projects to make during your holiday break! Happy Christmas and Happy Crafting! 🙂

Freezer Paper Stencils: Try this technique for customizing T-shirts and so much more!

Flower Applique Earrings: A quick but adorable jewelry DIY!

Button Magnets: Spruce up your fridge and showcase your favorite fasteners!

Stamped Dish Towels: Who doesn’t need some cute, customized tea towels?! 

DIY Foam Stamps for Fabric Stamping: Can’t find the perfect stamp? Create your own!

Statement Necklace DIY: We suggest that you make at least one for yourself, while you’re at it!

Personalized Patches: So cute on… practically everything!

Magnets from Vintage Bling: Broken jewelry shines again, this time on your fridge!

Stamped Tote Bag: Once you know the stamping basics, you can customize to your heart’s content!

Merry Christmas, Crafters! 🙂

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