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Plaidvember- 1940s Dress Refashion

Plaidvember- 1940s Dress Refashion

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Happy “Plaid-vember,” a month of (mostly) plaid-themed fashion and diy’s! We start things off with a project from the archives! I completed this project a while ago, but saved it for plaid month! Here is the plaid 1990’s dress I started with…

Based on the sleeves, collar, and print, I thought this dress could easily take on a 1940s look! Shoulder pad removal was the first step.

Believe it or not, the rest of the refashion process was pretty straightforward! First, shorten and re-hem the sleeves. Second, shorten and re-hem the skirt. Third, take in the side seams slightly near the armpit to avoid gaping. Not bad for a refashion project, eh? To begin the process, I tried on the dress and marked the prefered sleeve and skirt lengths. I added seam allowance to those marks before cutting off the excess. Here is sleeve #1 during the shortening process.

To help make the sleeves even, I folded the dress in half and I pinned the sleeves to each other. I then traced the cut sleeve onto the uncut one.

And here are the trimmed sleeves!

Time to measure, roll, pin, and hem those sleeves!

Next, it was the skirt’s turn!

The dress was looking much better by this point! I did take in the arm hole slightly to avoid underarm gaping.

In honor of plaid month, I paired the finished dress with highland-themed accessories!

The vintage belt paired surprisingly well with my old Clark’s boots and thrifted shawl. My hat was a gift from L, while the pin was brought back from Scotland by my mom!

Happy Plaidvember, Everyone! Stay tuned for more plaid projects coming next week!

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