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Pumpkin Time- “Squashwear”

Pumpkin Time- “Squashwear”

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It’s PUMPKIN TIME!!! At what other time of year do people slow down to ogle corn mazes or get all giddy about buying squash?! Although sarcasm exists in the world, I’m too busy enjoying my pumpkin spice latte to worry too much! 🙂 I’m also more than willing to bedeck myself in seasonal “Squash-wear”! Here are some of my favorite Pumpkin-y DIY’s!

First up are DIY fall leggings! Believe it or not, you CAN paint leggings with fabric paint if you first stuff the legs with toilet paper rolls to fill them out! (I find that small TP rolls and/or thinned-down paper towel rolls work best.) You can see the full tutorial for DIY Painted Leggings in our St. Patrick’s Day post!

Of course, I chose pumpkin-themed painting supplies for this project! (Toilet paper not shown, lol!) I used white paint on black leggings so that my pumpkin pants would coordinate with a variety of shirts!

Although it took a while to stuff and paint the leggings, I was finally able to fulfill my pumpkiny dreams!

I knew just the place to show off my leggings…

It’s hard to pick one pumpkin when they’re all so gorgeous!

I paired my leggings with a thrifted oversized sweater, scarf, and comfy shoes!

It’s a rainbow of squash! We heart #squash-wear.

Of course, you can also create custom squash-wear for your home! These stamped dish towels make super cute gifts, too!

And who doesn’t need some Pom Pom Pumpkins to add to their fall decor?! Find that fun (and kid-friendly) tutorial here!

So cute and fuzzy!

Ok, Everyone, go get yourself a pumpkiny treat and make yourself some #Squash-wear! 🙂 You can find me at the pumpkin patch…

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