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Refashioned Button-Up, Vintage Style!

Refashioned Button-Up, Vintage Style!

I wasn’t kidding last week when I said that I loved my newly refashioned button-up shirt! Although the refashioning took time, I was able to make a custom top from something that didn’t fit before! (See the tutorial here!)┬áNow, I love the shirt’s length, comfiness, and styling options. I was certain I could use it to create some vintage inspired looks! First up, an outfit inspired by the 1930’s…




This outfit made me think of the comfy “beach pajamas” from the 1930’s! Wide-leg pants, a breezy top, and a big hat equaled summer sun readiness!




My earrings, hat, and pin are favorite thrift store finds. The scarf was a gift from the fabulous Heather!




Next, my top and I visited the beach by way of the 1940’s! I left out the matching belt this time and instead tucked the top into an A-line skirt.




I love the nautical feel of those stripes! I just wish it was slightly less windy!




My skirt, belt, and earrings were thrifted, while my hat was a homemade project based on a vintage pattern. More on that later!



Ship ahoy, Matey! Be on the lookout for more refashioned projects coming soon!

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