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Retro Beach Attire

Retro Beach Attire

During my 10 Decades in 10 Days Fashion Challenge, I experienced first hand what people may have worn during summers in the past. As I had two beach trips planned during the ten day period, I had to come up with beach-appropriate-but-still-vintage-inspired outfits! Needless to say, my fellow beach-goers seemed somewhat startled by my attire, but my photographer husband was a good sport. Since it’s often windy/chilly/foggy at the northern Californian beaches in summer, my 1910s outfit fit right in…

I know that the fabulous fashion historians and seamstresses out there will easily discern the inaccuracies of my outfit! Instead of aiming for historical accuracy, however, I chose the easy route and raided my closet for styles that seemed inspired by the time period. My blouse and skirt are thrift store finds and probably originated in the 1970’s. That awesome jacket is modern, the lace-up boots and pearl pin are from the 90’s, and the excellent backpack is from my Aunty Mug!

I was really inspired by this blog post about Edwardian ladies and their summer activities. The article reassured me in my belief that giant hats are a must!

All those layers worked out perfectly in the chilly conditions, although I did feel more encumbered than normal. I was grateful to avoid period-authentic undergarments, as that would have definitely made walking the beach more challenging.

Another day, another decade! This time my beachwear hearkened to the 1940’s! My real motivation was an excuse to wear these classic shorts and my cotton headscarf at the same time. Both are modern, and both came from the thrift store! Ahoy!

My blouse was a refashion project from this post, and has been a retro beach favorite in other posts as well! The surprisingly matching cardigan was a rummage sale find, although it wasn’t quite warm enough for the day. (Another jacket was waiting for me off-camera!) Yes, those vintage earrings ARE shaped like strawberries, and yes, I’m kinda proud.

It’s cold, but it’s pretty…

So, what do you think? Would you try styling a retro look to the beach? There’s plenty of summer weather left for you to give it a try! Don’t forget to show of your vintage style with #onceaweekvintage ! 🙂

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