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Retro Red, White, and Blue!

Retro Red, White, and Blue!

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Happy almost 4th of July! Although this year’s celebration will be different from usual, that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up for it! 😉 Accordingly, I went through my closet to find accessories and vintagey clothing to fit the red, white, and blue theme!

The accessories turned out to be the most important parts of the outfits, steering both the color palettes and vintage vibes in the right direction! Here’s what I started out with! The large head scarf was a DIY project in this blog post and is one of my favorite things ever! The belt is actually a woven ribbon which may look familiar from this outfit! Since I LOVE red and white gingham (obviously), I had to highlight it in this retro neckscarf from my Etsy shop! The little blue earrings in the dish are a project which we will demonstrate in the upcoming video! I’ll link to a few of the supplies below!

Clothing meets accessories! I used closet basics for this easy to wear, beachy outfit. I feel like this look is pretty classic, with just a touch of vintage vibe.

I kept the pieces pretty basic for the next outfit too, but chose pieces with more vintagey silhouettes. The accessories make the whole look more festive!

You might recognize this dress from a refashioning project in this post! All it needed was a jolt of red and white to fit the theme!

I had fun trying out my outfits in my living room!

Which outfit should I choose for 4th of July? Maybe I should just start wearing red, white, and blue a week ahead so that I can wear them all! 🙂 Hope you all have lovely 4th of July!

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